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Property Photography

the first and often only impression buyers see, use photographs that move you, and your house!

Agents photos show houses, I bring bricks to life, look at these and think which you would view first?

Within 40 seconds of seeing pictures of a house a buyer will have already formed their first impression and made up their mind if they want to view or not. There are now so many properties for sale on websites like Rightmove and Find a Property that the only way a house can stand out from the crowd is through stunning photography that catches buyers eyes. The biggest property portals in the country as mentioned above have already released their own apps which show property photography at full screen resolution, making bad photographs seem even worse. Bad photographs will turn off buyers instantly making them skip a property that actually might suit them perfectly. Bad photographs will also make your brand look unprofessional and turn away any potential vendors that are looking for an agent to sell their home. If you want a property to stand out from the crowd you need to consider the first thing potential buyers look at apart from the price, it has to be the photographs. Great looking photos are essential in this day and age, especially if you want lots of interest, plenty of viewings and to sell for the best price fast.

Professional photographs are not just for larger properties. In fact smaller properties often benefit even more than larger ones. With wide angle lenses and attention to detail your home can look far better than your competition, most agents wont offer you this service so your home will jump off the screen, for the right reasons!

Looking to advertise your holiday let, hotel or spa?  Trying to market your pub food or restaurant, make sure people choose you first!

Portraits for all ages

If you have decided on the look of your image you will have a pretty good idea of what to wear. If not, check out magazines, web sites even old family photo albums can be a source of inspiration, particularly if you want a retro look. Traditionally I would suggest plain colours for all age groups rather than fussy patterns are the order of the day. Unlike many photographers I do not rush the session, you can have as many outfit changes as you want. Teens have a definite idea of how they look, or want to look. That isn't always how you want them to look. Try both styles and keep everyone happy! Toddlers often like dressing up so this is your chance to encourage them, put the outfit you like in with the props and decide later which looks best. I use portable lights and backgrounds or can arrange to meet at a more informal setting such as a favourite beauty spot or park etc. 

From maternity, through newborn, toddlers, teens, prom queens and beyond.  If you like the style on my images and want to ask any questions please feel free to ask, I do not bite!


As a now former classic car owner ( had to make room for an every day car!!! ) and having learned to drive in 1977 in an MG Midget I have grown up with classics. My father bought one of the last new MGC's from Appleyards in Leeds and ran it until such time as my elder brother and I could no longer fit in the parcel shelf! Talk about health and safety, we went to Cornwall for 2 weeks in 1969 and did not even take the roof as with it up we didn’t fit in. Daft but I do not remember it raining but you know what they say about remembering your youth?

I owned this 1965 MGB, only the 2nd owner and loved every minute of owning it and driving it.  It reignited my love of open driving so have driven convertible's ever since. I know modern ones are not the same but I prefer them in the snow and rain!  My current car has a roof that goes back up in 19 seconds and at speeds of up to 30 mph.  The MG had to be stopped and often took 19 minutes!

My automotive service is the newest to be offered and I hope will allow me to provide artistic and dramatic images of well loved cars and bikes, planes or boats if any one has them!

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