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Thank you for taking the time to check out my site. I have been photographing property since 1979 moving from film to digital. I now use Canon full frame camera bodies and lenses and up to 10 wireless flashguns to take my images. I then post process them to colour correct, ensure correct verticals and adjust for wide angle lens. I ensure you do not have dark corners in rooms, that the rooms are staged correctly and that the best angle is taken. My interior and exterior photography is just as useful to Hotels, Spas and holiday accommodation as to those selling property, there are samples of these within my galleries.  Dusk photos make your property really stand out from the crowd.

My agents report that properties photographed by me have a 40% better chance of a sale! In addition to my photography service I also design and supply bespoke laminated brochures. Many people assume that only larger or more expensive homes benefit from pro photography. Quite the reverse is true, smaller homes often get a better response and as the competition tend not to use photographers for smaller homes they stand out more from the crowd. Agents are good at selling homes but have neither the time nor experience to take stand out images. Often wide angle lenses will be used but that can lead to many other issues such as weird perspectives which discourage rather than encourage viewers.

My portrait work is based on a portable studio with Elinchrom lights, fold up backgrounds or your favourite places. I spend time with my clients, not rushing so as to ensure you feel comfortable, only then will you relax and enjoy making memories.

My other passion is automotive images. As a former classic car owner I love the unique nature of these cars and how they get under your skin. Why not have a coffee table book of memories to show every aspect of your car, bike etc etc?

photos make a statement without saying a word

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